Monday, December 11, 2017
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Govt urged to increase efforts to find missing journalist   With the disappearance of Azory Gwanda, a journalist reporting for Mwananchi newspaper entering the third week with no sign of his whereabouts, the Media Council of Tanzania (MCT) and four other civic organizations have strongly appealed to the Government to double efforts to find the missing scribe.
Four civic organizations to hold joint press conference on missing journalist   Four civic organizations will hold a joint press conference on Saturday December 9, 2017, following the disappearance of a journalist working for Mwananchi newspaper, Azory Gwanda.
MCT pleads with security organs to safely deliver missing journalist The Media Council of Tanzania (MCT) has urged security organs to ensure that journalist Azory Gwanda who is reported to have disappeared for over two weeks is found safe and sound.
Taxation and Revenue Collection category reinstated in EJAT Taxation and Revenue Collection has been reinstated as category to be competed in the ninth edition of the Excellence in Journalism Awards Tanzania (EJAT) 2017.


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Renowned Publisher, editor, columnist – Jeneral Ulimwengu scooped the Lifetime Achievement in journalism

Award (LAJA) as Mkinga Mkinga and lucas Liganga both from the Citizen newspaper shared the overall winner of Excellence in Journalism Award Tanzania (EJAT) for 2014.

In all 20 journalists from various media outlets won EJAT awards while 20 plus others emerged as runners up during the EJAT gala night on Friday April 24, 2015 held at Mlimani City in Dar es Salam.

Both EJAT and LAJA are organized by the Media Council of Tanzania (MCT) and partners.

Ulimwengu becomes the fourth recipient of LAJA since 2011.

He travelled all the way from Abidjan, Cote d’Voire where he was on assignment – editing a publication of the Africa Development Bank (ADB).

He said he expected to return to Abidjan the following day to continue with his assignment .

In brief remarks apart from expressing appreciation for being picked for the award, Ulimwengu explained why at one time his citizenship was revoked.

He said it was after a newspaper he was editing had reported about a theft committed by a government minister.

His remarks were punctuated with laughter as he said, it was not clear whether the minister was a thief before he became minister or became a thief after he became a minister.


After the stories on the minister were published, he said the minister had vowed that  Ulimwengu would regret and walk on his knees pleading.

Speaking before the huge audience which attended the EJAT gala night including the guest of honour, the Vice President Dr. Mohamed Gharib Bilal, Ulimwengu said he never regretted and never went down pleading.

The other revelation which he said angered the authorities during the third phase government was the question of nationalization of NBC.

While the authorities were claiming that the bank was not viable, Ulimwengu pointed out that the newspapers he edited showed that a colossal amount of the Bank’s monies was held inform of loans by institutions such as the government.

He also appealed to the government to ensure equitable use of the Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation (TBC) Radio and TV channels.

He said that TBC was not for the government and the ruling party only. It should be a public broadcaster serving all, he said and warned that one day those in government would find themselves in the place of the opposition.

Other recipients of LAJA are Fili Karashani ( 2011); Hamza Kassongo ( 2012) and Mariam Hamdan (2013).

LAJA is given for outstanding contribution in journalism in various forms including mentoring up-coming journalists, writing books on journalism, establishing media outlets , contributing as columnists, producing TV and Radio programmes and such contributions which  leave indelible mark in the advancement of the profession.

As for Ulimwengu who had started his journalism career in the Government owned Daily News after graduating with a law degree from the University of Dar es Salaam in early 70s, he had teamed up with other journalists later to set up a newspaper which developed into a media house under the name of Habari Corporation publishing several titles.

They had also set up a media training school to initiate young recruits into journalism.

He is now leading another media house which publishes two titles – Raia Mwema and Raia Tanzania.

He is also a mentor, facilitator and is a member of the Think Tank of the Media Council of Tanzania (MCT).

For becoming a recipient of LAJA, Ulimwengu received TZS 10 million awarded to media stalwarts in recognition of their contribution.

He was presented with a dummy cheque by the official guest, Vice President Dr. Bilal.


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