Wednesday, December 13, 2017
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Govt urged to increase efforts to find missing journalist   With the disappearance of Azory Gwanda, a journalist reporting for Mwananchi newspaper entering the third week with no sign of his whereabouts, the Media Council of Tanzania (MCT) and four other civic organizations have strongly appealed to the Government to double efforts to find the missing scribe.
Four civic organizations to hold joint press conference on missing journalist   Four civic organizations will hold a joint press conference on Saturday December 9, 2017, following the disappearance of a journalist working for Mwananchi newspaper, Azory Gwanda.
MCT pleads with security organs to safely deliver missing journalist The Media Council of Tanzania (MCT) has urged security organs to ensure that journalist Azory Gwanda who is reported to have disappeared for over two weeks is found safe and sound.
Taxation and Revenue Collection category reinstated in EJAT Taxation and Revenue Collection has been reinstated as category to be competed in the ninth edition of the Excellence in Journalism Awards Tanzania (EJAT) 2017.


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Frank Bahati of TBC1 scooped the overall winner Award of the seventh edition of the Excellence Journalism Awards Tanzania (EJAT) while veteran media practitoner, Rose Haji Mwalimu emerged winner of the Life Time Achievement in Journalism Award (LAJA).

For the victory, Bahati was awarded a trophy, certificate plus TZS 3 million cheque.

The winner of the Life Time Award in Journalism was awarded a trophy, certificate and TZS 10 million cheque.

The two were presented their coveted awards by the event’s guest of honour the Chairperson of the Human Rights and Good Governance Commission, Bahame Tom Nyanduga on April 29, 2016.

As for Bahati, he had also clinched awards and prizes as winner in reporting children and Invetstigative reporting categories for television.

In reporting children Bahati beat Emannuel Mollel of TVI who emerged as runners up.

In invetigative reporting, Bahati excelled over Khamis Suleiman of Channel Ten and Emannuel Buholela of ITV who emerged as second and third runners up respectively.

The award for Economic and Business Reoporting category for print media went to Haji Nassor Mohamed of Zanzibar Leo and for Television it was taken by Cassius Mdami.There was no winer for that category for Radio.

Sannula Athanas of Nipashe scooped the award for Sports and Culture reporting category. He also emerged as second runners up while Mwanahiba Richard of Mwanaspoti was third.

It has now become common for ABM Fm to scoop the category for radio as the award went to Japhary Ramadhan of the station. There was no winner for the category for television.

Sauli Giliard of the Citizen picked the Environment Reporting category award as Lusekelo Philemon of the Guardian and Shija Felician of Mwananchi occupied the second and third runners position.


For Radio, the award went to Idd Juma of Afya Radio while Eveline Mhozya of CG FM and Peninah Kajura of HHC Radio were second and third runners up and for televison the award went to John Nsunza of TV1 while Esther Zelamula of Channel Ten and Elibahati Akyoo of TV1 were runners up.

Joseph Mwendapole of Nipashe picked the Health Reporting category Award for print media as Hadija Jumanne of Mwananchi and Christina Mwakangale of Nipashe emerged runners up.

For Radio, the award went to Fatuma Mtemangani of Radio Ulanga and runners up were Emmanuel Masenge of Afya Radio and Eveline Mhozya of CG FM. There was no winner for Television.

HIV/AIDS Reporting Award went to Lusekelo Philemon of the Guardian while Nuzulack Dausen of the Citizen and Haji Nassor Mohamed of Zanzibar Leo were runnersup.

Silvano Kayera of Radio Mlimani emerged winner of HIV/AIDS reporting for Radio and Christian Msafiri Edward of CGM FM and Grace Mbise of Bomba FM were runners up. There was no winner for Television.

In reporting Children category for print media, the award went to Bernard Lugongo of The Citizen while Hadija Jumanne of Mwananchi was the runnerup.

For radio the award went to Vivian Pyuza of CG FM while Idd Juma of Afya Radio and Joel Headman Ulomi of Arusha One were runners up.

The award for Good Governance for print media went to Beatrice Shayo of Nipashe with runners-up Rashma Suleiman Ali of Nipashe and Haika Kimaro of The Citizen.

Valeria Mwalongo of Radio Tumaini picked the award for Radio while Peninah Kajura of HHC Radio and Goodluck John Mvamba of SAUT FM were runners-up.

Halfan Liundi of ITV won the award for TV while Lydia Igarabuza of EATV and Sam Mahela of ITV emerged runners up.

Gender reporting award for print media went to Mashaka Mugeta of The Guardian and runners up in the category were two reporters of Mwananchi Tumaini Msowoya and Zulfa Golay.

For Radio, the award was taken by Maulid Kambaya of Radio One as Tumba Dandi of Radio Mlimani and Adam Hhando of CG FM were runners-up.

Kisali Simba of Star TV picked the award for TV and Editha Kinyaiya and Emmanuel Kitomari both of TVI were runnersup.

In Science and Technology reporting category for print media, the winner was Nora Damian Sam of Mtanzania. Sauli Gilian trailed as runner-up.

There was no winner for Radio but for television the winner was Alfayo Misiyeki of TV1 and runners up was Samson Kapinga.

Nuzulak Dausen of Mwananchi won the Investigative Reporting category for print media relegating to runners-up position Salome Kitomari of Nipashe and Kelvin Mtanko of Mwananchi.

Mansour Jumanne of SAUT Radio was the winner of the category for radio.

The award for Maternal and Newborn Health Reporting was scooped by Florence Majani of Mwananchi leaving Lulu George of Nipashe and Anastazia Maginga of Raia Tanzania as second and third runners-up.

There was no winner for Television.


Lulu Goerge emerged winner in the Education Reporting category while Mwashamba Juma of Zanzibar Leo and Jackline Masine of Mwananchi were runners-up.

For radio the award went to Sylvester Joseph Sarya of Afya Radio while Fatuma Matemangami of Radio Ulanga and Adam Hhando of CG FM were runners-up.

For televison, the winner of the category was Abisae Maeda.

Musa Juma of Mwananchi won the award for Tourism and Conservation for print media and picked the third runners position and Lulu George was the third was second runners up.

For radio, Antony Masai of Tripple FM was the winner and Temigunga Mahondo of Radio Country FM was runners-up.

For Television the award went to John Nsunza of TV1 while Victor Elia of TBC1 and Cassius Mdami of Channel Ten were runners up.

The award for Reporting People with Dissabilities for print media went to Florence Majani of Mwananchi as Tuma Dandi of Radio Mlimani won the award for radio whikle Eveline Mhozya and Vivian Puzya both of CGFM emerged runnersup.

For Television Selemani Mkufya of TBC1 picked the award while Kasilda Mgeni of Star TV and Emanuel Kitomari of TV1 were runners-up.

Salum Vuai Issa of Zanzibar Leo picked the award for Agriculture Reporting as Tumaini Msowoya of Mwananchi and Lusekelo Philemon of The Guardian were runners-up.

Musa Kinkaya of Sunrise Radio won the award for radio while Pili Mlindwa of Pangani FM and Victor Mkwawa of Dodoa FM were runners-up.

Emmanuel Kitomari of TV1 won the category for television relegating John Leon Lewanga of TBC1 and Lydia Igarabuza of EATV to runners-up position.

There were no winners fo print media and Television for Sexual and reproductive Health for Young category while for Radio the winner was Regina Kulindwa of Afya Radio and Denis Nyali of NURU Radio was runners up.

For Extractive Industry reporting category, the winner for print media was Shija Felician of the Citizen and runners-up was Salum Maige of Mwananchi. For Television the winner was Projestus Binamungu of Star TV. There was no winner for Radio.

Sam Mahela of ITV won the open category. Robert Okandfa was winner of Best Photographer category for Print media. Peter Rogers scooped the Best Cameraman award for Television. He was also the second runners-up while Lucas Maziku of Star Tv was third runners-up in the category.

There was no winner in the new category of Public procuerment reporting but there was winner from radio only in the other new category of Taxation and Revenue Collection.

The winner for the category was Valeria Mwalongo of Radio Tumaini while Nuru Hassa of Afya Radio was runners-up.

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