Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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New MCT Board meets for the first time The newly elected Governing Board of the Media Council of Tanzania (MCT) held its first meeting on February 13, 2018.
MSA case slated for hearing March 13 at EA Court of Justice A case filed by media stakeholders at the East Africa Court of Justice, challenging some articles of the Media Services Act of 2016 is scheduled for hearing on March 13, 2017.
CoRI Special Committee to start meeting TV owners next week A special committee of Heads of member organizations of the Coalition on the Right Information (CoRI) has planned to start meeting with owners of Television station which were fined by the Ethics Committee of the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) as of next week.
Retired Judge Mlay commends complainants for using MCT’s Ethics Committee The Chairperson of the Ethics Committee of the Media Council of Tanzania retired judge, Juxon Mlay has highly commended those aggrieved by media coverage for registering complaints with the committee.

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The Minister Counsellor of Embassy of China, Mr. Gou Haodong has shared views on a number of issues including the work of the Media Council of Tanzania, Tanzania’s media

landscape and the role of the media in furthering good Sino-Tanzania relations with the Executive Secretary of the Media Council of Tanzania, (MCT) Kajubi Mukajanga.

Counsellor Gou who was accompanied by the Director of Public Diplomacy Department and Press at the Embassy, Mr. Dong Zhenyu and the Press Officer Mr. Xiao Fan held discussions with Mukajanga when he paid a courtesy call on the MCT Executive Secretary in his office on December 16, 2016.

Briefing Mr. Gou on the work of MCT, Kajubi said that the Council is well known and highly respected by the media fraternity and the public and is considered as an important institute of reference on media issues.

He said that work of the Council was to ensure that ethical, quality and responsible journalism thrives in the country. As regards to the media landscape in Tanzania, Mukajanga said that Tanzania has a thriving media industry comprising of both privately owned as well as government owned media outlets. He said the challenge has been to ensure that they are able to adhere to set ethical professional standards.

Arbitration of cases between the media and the public is another important work of the Council and people from all walks of life including high ranking government officials have used the Council’s Ethics Committee to resolve their grievances with the media.

Mukajanga said Tanzania boasts of the biggest number of registered newspapers in Africa, South of the Sahara although not all are being published because of a number of reasons including financing. Likewise it has a large number of privately owned as well as government owned radio and television stations.

He told the visiting envoy that MCT also works with the National Council for Technical Education (NACTE) on the training of journalists in tertiary institutions on standardization of curricula and overseeing of quality of training in journalism schools.

The Minister Counsellor commended the Council for its work and the media fraternity for its contribution in cementing the China Tanzania Relations. He said both countries have a lot to learn from each other’s experiences both good ones and the bad ones and the media is better positioned to do that.

Mr. Gou said that China has made major strides in its development which Tanzania can emulate but also mistakes such as pollution which it can also learn from and avoid as it embarks on industrialization.

He said that China also highly respects the founding president of Tanzania, the late Mwalimu Julius Nyerere and the philosophy he propagated throughout his lifetime of self reliance, respect for human dignity and freedom. He presented to Mr. Mukajanga four volumes of Mwalimu Nyerere’s speeches and writings from 1952 – 1999 translated into Chinese.

The envoy said that China will continue to support the Council on issues related to the media development and the building of the good relations between China and Tanzania.

He also said his embassy was organising a walk on January 2017 in support of anti poaching initiatives to protect the elephant from extinction in Tanzania.

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