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Conciliated Complaints

These complaints were resolved amicably at Secretariat level.

1. National Insurance Corporation (NIC) - Versus- Jamhuri Newspaper

  • National Insurance Corporation vs. Jamhuri Newspaper in the former complained against a news story published on 5th February, 2013 by Jamhuri Newspaper. The contested article was misleading and full of factual errors which was detrimental to the very survival of the Corporation because it eroded the confidence of its clientele and thus would suffer business. The disputants were brought together on 21st March, 2013 under MCT Executive Secretary and sorted out the matter by Jamhuri Newspaper agreeing to redo the story by putting it in its right perspective. The article came out on May 7, 2013. NIC on its part lauded MCT for mediating the matter to everybody’s satisfaction.

2. Kilimanjaro Christian medical centre (KCMC) Vs. Daily news

  • Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre filed a complaint against the Daily News of March 4, 2013 which carried a one sided story regarding an operation allegedly to have been performed by an intern at the hospital story. KCMC complained that it was not true. The Secretariat intervention made The Daily News to apologize and corrected the article deservedly on its edition of April 22, 2013 on its front page. KCMC acknowledged it and the matter were put to rest.

3. Switzerland Ambassador Olivier Chave vs. Mwananchi Communications Limited

  • His Excellency Olivier Chave complained against Mwananchi Communications Limited where the Kiswahili edition, Mwananchi Newspaper carried a story purporting to quote the Ambassador and alleging that the Government of Tanzania was not doing enough to recover the allegedly illegal money stashed in Swiss Banks. The matter was mediated at Secretariat level where they agreed to put everything in the past. However Mwananchi Newspaper apologized.


4. Peter G. Rwelamira Vs. ITV/Radio one

  • Peter G. Rwelamira complained against ITV/Radio One for allegedly carrying a damaging story on its Jiji Letu news programme against a local government of Mbezi Beach Street for being corrupt. The matter was intimated to the Secretariat for information meaning that the complainant was taking the matter with ITV/Radio One.


5. Mwalimu Benadetha Katabaro vs. Kasibante FM Radio

  • Haki Attorneys filed a complaint for its client Mwl. Bernadetha Katabaro against Kasibante FM Radio for airing defamatory news that she was keeping zombies. Mwalim Bernadetta dropped the complaint after MCT Executive Secretary travel to Bukoba to intervene. The broadcast by the radio paralyzed Bukoba municipality for three days where anti riot police were called in to quell angry crowds which wanted to decent on Mwalim Bernadetaa for allegedly being watch. Kasibante FM Radio management acted irresponsibly because it did not have proof of what it put on air and agreed to apologize unreservedly.


Bishop Pius E. Ikongo vs. Channel Ten

  • Bishop Pius E. Ikongo filed against Channel Ten for airing a sponsored which in his view rebuked some heads of Christian denominations who met Prime Minister Mizengo Pinda to discuss on which faith has the right to slaughter animals in abattoirs. Channel Ten agreed to meet the Bishop but the latter lost interest and dropped the claim.


 Surface & Marine Transport Regulatory Authority (SUMATRA)-Versus-Uhuru Newspaper

  • SUMATRA registered a complaint against Uhuru Newspaper demanding clarification on allegation reported by Uhuru on March 22, 2013 with the title “SUMATRA yashitakiwa kwa Dk Mwakyembe”. SUMATRA decided not to pursue the matter despite several reminders.


Hon. Frederick T. Sumaye-Versus-Dira ya Mtanzania Newspaper

  • FK Law Chambers, filed a complaint against Dira ya Mtanzania issue No.207 of November 12 – 18, 2013 under the heading “Vigogo wa mabilioni ya Uswisi hawa hapa” – “Wamo Sumaye, Yona, Prof. Kapuya na Mboma – Zitto Kabwe aitaka Serikali kuchunguza mali zao ”. This could not proceed because it was time barred and the complainant was adviced to seek other alternatives to resolve the matter.


Singida District Government Officers-Versus-Dira ya Mtanzania Newspaper

  • Filed a complaint against Dira ya Mtanzania Newspaper of December 17 – 23, 2013 for publishing news story titled ‘Viongozi wa serikali Singida na tabia ya kubariki wizi, ubadhilifu. The complainant was asked to re-file the plaint because the earlier was stamped SECRET. They are yet to come back.


Babu Hatia-Versus-Mohamed Isambula (Sema Usikike Newspaper)

  • Babu Hatia complained against Sema Usikike for the publication No. 00214 of May 20-26, 2013 with the title “Polisi wadaiwa kuwekwa mfukoni na matajiri’ and that of May 27-June 2, 2013 publication No.00215 with heading”Mfanyabiashara awadhalilisha Waandishi, IGP” –“Wapeleka malalamiko kwa Nchimbi”. The plaintiff has been advised to file a complaint against a media outlet and not against an individual reporter or both together. He has promised to comply.


Yusuf Makamba-Versus-Nipashe Newspaper

  • Law Associates Advocates filed a claim for Yusuf Makamba against Nipashe Newspaper of March 2, 2013 complaining against story against a story with a headline, “Mzee Makamba anena: Mungu ataiadhibu CCM; ni kutokana rushwa, ufisadi” and that of March 6, 2013 with a title “Yusufu Makamba anapokumbuka shuka asubuhi”. The plaintiff was advised to take the matter with the defendant first and has not come back ever since which means he has sorted out the matter with respective editor.  


The Registered Trustees of Evangelical Lutheran Church North Central Diocese vs.Habari Leo Newspaper.

  • Young & Associates Advocates complained against Habari Leo Newspaper for carrying injurious and malicious stories regarding its client and asked the defendant to apologize and desist from reporting against the church. The Secretariat informed the advocates that the matter will be taken to EC but said the client seem to have lost interest in the matter.


Everson A.M. Mwale VS.Uwazi Newspaper and Others

  • Mr. Everson A.M. Mwale complained against Uwazi Newspaper of April 16 ­- 22, 2013 anditswebsite for publishing pictures and defamatory story titled MHESHIMIWA AUMBUKA: Mbunge mstaafu anaswa na mke wa mfanyakazi wake. The plaintiff who is now facing criminal charge on the same seems to have lost interest because he hasn’t responded to the communication.


Oxfam-Versus-Mawio Newspaper

  • Oxfam complained against Mawio Newspaper that it carried a story which lacked data and not well researched which appeared on June 27, 2013 titled “Rais Kikwete achongewa kwa Barrack Obama”. Oxfam asked the respective media that it was ready to furnish the paper with relevant and adequate information on the article. MCT called Mawio News editor to take up the matter with Oxfam.


Mohammed Enterprises (T) Limited-Versus- Dira ya Mtanzania Newspaper

  • Bwana Attorneys registered a complaint for their client Mohammed Enterprises (T) Limited against Dira ya Mtanzania News paper to cease and desist from publishing defamatory articles regarding Mohammed Enterprises (T) Limited business empire. The Legal Firm was advised to take the matter with the respective editor and they failed to resolve could take the matter to the Council.


Republican Security VS. Dira ya Mtanzania Newspaper

  • Republican Security has filed a complaint against Dira ya Mtanzania Newspaper for carrying and article on its edition of December 17 – 23 2012 with a headline “Kampuni ya ulinzi yatuhumiwa kufanya biashara ya bangi”
  • The Republican Security said in their plaint that the article was not true, malicious and damaging to their business and asked for an apology and compensation. The plaintiff seems to have lost interest on the matter.


1. Tanzania Distillers Ltd-Versus-Mwananchi Newspaper

  • Tanzania Distillers Ltd complained against Mwananchi Newspaper for allegedly portraying one of its products negatively and thus affecting its business. Mwananchi and TDL agreed to meet under Council but the plaintiff latter sent a letter informing that he has decided to go to court to seek redress.

2. Salama Aboud Talib VS.Nipashe on Sunday

  • Complainant Salama Aboud Talib (Vice Secretary of Umoja wa Wanawake wa Tanzania-Zanzibar) registered a complain against Nipashe on Sunday No. 057805 June 7 – 13, 2013 with headline “U.W.T” Hapatoshi wamtolea uvivu Sofia Simba. Wakataa majina aliyopendekeza.
  • Salama whose name was allegedly among of those rejected took the matter to the Council seeking redress that Nipashe violated her basic right of right to reply. The defendant agreed to the plaint and gave her the right in the following decision but stood by their story. The Council hasn’t heard anything from her since then possibly she has decided to let it go.

3. Dock Workers Union of Tanzania (DOWUTA) VS. Tanzania Newspaper

  • DOWUTA has copied the Council a complaint letter they sent to New Habari 2006 Limited, disputing a story allegedly quoting Communication Minister Dr. Mwakyembe that the Union and one of its leaders Mr. Komba were implicated in corrupt practices. The story appeared in Mtanzania Newspaper of May 2, 2013 titled ‘KOMBORA LA MWAKYEMBE LAPIGA VIGOGO SABA’



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