Saturday, February 17, 2018
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The Press Freedom Violation Register managed by the Media Council of Tanzania (MCT) is now active on-line … access it


The Register managed by the Media Council of Tanzania (MCT) for Reporting Press Freedom Violation is now active on –line.

Access it through and you can read about incidents of press violations since 2013. You can also report if you’re a victim or a witness or as a person who was informed of incident/s of press freedom violation.

For detailed information read on below:-



The Press Freedom Violations Register (PFVR) “” is on air. Through the said register any stakeholder may browse to view press freedom violation incidents which took place in the country since the year 2013.

Below is the guideline on how to utilize the register:-

1. How to access the register

In order to access it, a user can search it through “Google” or any other search engine the following website

Once open, a map of Tanzania will appear with pointers showing the distribution of press violation incidents in various regions of the country. The distribution of incidents is shown by pointers which look like water drops in red, green and yellow colour. In regions with multiple recorded incidents, circles in red, green or yellow colour will appear with a number in the middle of the circle depicting the number of incidents I the respective region.

A user can view the incidents by clicking on the circle after which headings of the incidents will appear. In order to read the information about the incidents a user should click on the heading.

2. Modality of reporting press freedom violation incidents

Stakeholders located in areas where the internet network is available, can report press freedom violation incidents through Once the website is open, on the right hand side of the map of Tanzania one will see two types of forms, namely:-

(a) Witness Form, and

(b) Victim Form.

A stakeholder or any other person who has witnessed or has been informed of an incident of press freedom violation, should complete the witness form, whereas a victim of press freedom violation should complete the victim form.

Once one of the said forms is completed and submitted by clicking a “submit incident” button, the same will be delivered to the PFVR administrator. Should the administrator require extra information, the sender shall be contacted.

A stakeholder witnessing or falling victim to press freedom violation in a location where the PFRV is inaccessible, can send an SMS with a summary of the incident in question through a special designated number which is 0687 087 311”. The PFVR administrator may contact the sender should there be a need for extra information.

3. Incident types

Press Freedom Violation Incidents include:-

(a) Denial Access to Information,

(b) Threat,

(c) Murder,

(d) Harassment,

(e) Arrest,

(f) Kidnap,

(g) Assault,

(h) Battery,

(i) Banning,

(j) Violent Forceful Eviction,

(k) Confiscation,

(l) Damage of equipment, and

(m) Cyber Attack.

4. Viewing Press Freedom Violation Incidents

In order to view press freedom violation incidents recorded in the register one after the other, a user should click on the button marked “Timeline” located in the right hand side of the map of Tanzania. After clicking the said button, a list of recorded incidents will appear page after page.

The Council is requesting for cooperation from stakeholders especially the PFVR focal points by reporting press freedom violation incidents occurring in their respective locations.

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