Saturday, December 16, 2017
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MCT Board Members assigned to committees


Members of the new Good Governing Board of the Media Council of Tanzania have been assigned to the Board’s three committees - Finance and Administration, Ethics and Audit.

President of the Council retired Justice Thomas Mihayo is chairman of the Board.

Vice President of the Council, Hassan Mitawi chairs the Finance and Administration Committee whose members are Anna Henga, Wallace Mauggo and Bakari Machumu.

The Ethics Commitee is chaired by retired Judge Juxon Mlay and members are Eda Sanga, Wallace Mauggo, Bernadina Chahali and Anna Henga while Dr. Edmund Mdolwa chairs the Audit Committee whose members are Justice Mlay, Bakari Machumu and Eda Sanga.

Machumu, Sanga and Mauggo sit in two committees each. Machumu sits in the Audit and Finance and Administration Committees while Sanga   sits Audit and Ethics Committees.

Apart from sitting the Ethics Committee Mauggo also is a member of the Finance and Administration Committee.

The full board is as follows:-

President of the Council, retired Judge Thomas Mihayo, Vice President Hassan Mitawi, and Members   are Bakari Machumu, Wallace Mauggo, Bernadina Chahali, Anna Henga, Dr. Edmund Mndolwa and Edda Sanga.

Kajubi Mukajanga the Executive Secretary of the Council is the Secretary to the Board.

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